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Auto Powertrain Warranty – What Does it Cover?

When you purchased your new car, you might have been too excited about your new ride to really take the time to think about the little extras that came with your car. Take your warranty, for instance. Your dealership included an auto powertrain warranty with your new car. But do you really know what that means? Learn what a powertrain warranty covers, and what it does not. What is a powertrain warranty? This is a warranty that covers a specific section of your car, and nothing else. The powertrain is defined as the engine, transmission and drive train of the vehicle. So, if a problem pops up in the engine, or how it transfers power to the transmission, or how the transmission moves the drive train to move the wheels, it will be covered by the warranty. Who provides the warranty? A powertrain warranty can be provided as either part of the whole of your initial standard manufacturer’s warranty, or it can be a stand-along warranty provided as an extended warranty. In the first case, the provider will be the manufacturer. In the latter, it would be a third party provider. Some people will be under the impression that an extended warranty, purchased from the dealership when the car was bought, will be through the manufacturer. Often, this is not the case, and these “dealer” warranties are also run through third-party providers. How long will it last? The length of your powertrain warranty will depend solely on the provider and the conditions you agree to. There are several lengths available, anywhere from 30 days to ten years. The only way to know how long your coverage will last is to read the fine print on your copy of your warranty information.

Is this enough coverage for my car? Whether this is enough coverage really depends on your comfort level with the risk of other problems, as well as your knowledge of your high quality car covers. The make, model and year of your car can tell you a lot – including whether you should bump up your coverage, or whether an auto powertrain warranty will be enough to cover you. If your car is prone to other problems, you will want to look into more coverage. If not, you might be able to survive with the lower costing warranty. The decision is yours, but it is only a good one if you make an informed choice, based on everything you know about your car, and not just picking the cheapest option. Modern man, arguably, is in love with cars. So it’s not surprising to see hordes of car owners searching for the most up to date car accessories that can improve the performance of cars as well as make cars look hotter. Most car owners have made the art of hunting for accessories a logical and systematic activity. Yet others, particularly new owners, have no clue where to begin. If you are one of these clueless car owners, this article will help you aware of some basic accessories that can enhance your car!


If there’s one attention-grabbing aspect of a car, it’s definitely the exterior, particularly those with awesome paint jobs and eye-catching accessories. These days, personalizing the car’s exterior is a hot trend and many people are doing just that. While most people aim for style and flair when they install accessories such as decorative license plates, fender flares, and hood scoops, others take a more utilitarian stance and install sun-guards to protect the rear window, bug shields and of course, special waxes and sealants to protect the paint. Owners can make their interior stand out by using some of the many awesome car seat covers that are available at any custom car shop or online specialty store. Car seat covers are available in a wide range of designs and colors, so you can pick a style that will reflect your personal taste and personality. You can also enhance the interior with custom steering wheels, colorful shift knobs, special mirrors, racing pedals and of course, custom upholstery and floor carpets.


An owner’s preference on actual performance varies and depends on the car. Some owners may prioritize speed and power, while others may prefer hunting for accessories that make their cars more efficient when it comes to gas mileage or tire wear. To increase the level of engine and drive train performance, some buy specially designed mufflers, carburetors, camshafts and exhaust systems. Any one of the many supercharger kits that are sold today can improve torque and horsepower are also available in the market for those who aspire to turn their vehicle into a high speed street machine!


These days, owners equip their cars with accessories that provide entertainment for them and their passengers. Audio sound systems such as CD and MP3 players are common, and DVD players are now commonly found in late model vehicles. Owners are also outfitting their cars with video game equipment, which does a great job keeping the kids busy on long road trips! Electronic accessories also include enhanced vehicle security systems, keyless entry devices, and remote starters.

Custom Wheels

Most car dealers offer customized wheel selections, like chrome wheels, when you buy a new car. Yet many owners want to make their wheels more unique and they discard the stock rims and buy new ones from one of the countless aftermarket specialty shops. There are many variations of rims to choose from ranging from standard chrome rims to the ever popular “spinners” and rims that have neon or LED lights on them. These are just a few of the many accessories that are available to make your car look like a one of a kind specialty car. You can find these and many more accessories in local auto shops and the thousands of merchants who have online stores. Cars are an important part of society. They can provide more than just a way to easily get from one place to another. Many car owners appreciate the personal, or hobby aspects a car has to offer, such as restoring or upgrading the appearance of the car. The exterior appearance is an important first step, and a new paint job or convertible top will be instrumental in completing an upgrade or restoration. However, Simple upgrades to the interior will complete the process of renewing the appearance. Seat covers are the main interior part that will need to be changed. The seats are definitely important for the complete look of a car, and can reflect upon the whole interior. They will also set the color scheme for the rest of the interior, so choosing the right seat covers is usually the first process in an interior restoration or upgrade. A customized interior, with new seat covers, will take a car to a new level of prestige.

Some of the other interior elements that will usually be taken into consideration during car restorations or upgrades are the carpets, door panels, and headliners. These are all points of a car’s interior that are in plain sight. Even someone who is not a car enthusiast can appreciate the importance of these being in top condition. For a complete restoration, the old carpeting, door panels, and headliners will have to be replaces. Likewise, an upgrade would not look complete unless these are upgraded as well. An neglected interior can destroy a look a car, so to complete the process of restoring or upgrading a car, the interior must be paid attention to. Seat covers, headliners, carpets, and door panels should be replaced in order to complete a restoration. Also, exterior upgrades, like a paint job or new convertible top, should be accompanied by these interior upgrades. The interior appearance should be a main priority for a restoration or upgrade, because it will complete the new look of a car. When you rent a car in France through an online broker you will have insurance normally called Collision Damage Waiver or CDW, however, the insurance will have an excess. Excess is the term used to describe your liability should you be unfortunate to be in an accident or if the car is stolen or damaged etc.

This excess for car hire in France normally ranges from Euro 500 to over Euro 1, 5000 depending on the car category that you are renting. It is set high on purpose as the French car rental company would like to sell you an expensive local daily policy, sometimes called super cover, if you take out this additional daily insurance cover the high excess with being reduced to nil. Imagine arriving in France new to the inner workings of car rental companies and being told that whilst you have insurance you will still be liable for a large excess amount should you be unfortunate enough to be in an accident. In this situation particularly after a long flight and family in tow, most people opt for this daily super cover only later realizing how expensive your French car hire turned out to be. This super cover does not come cheap and is one of the main revenue generating streams for car rental companies in France and other countries, the average cost being Euros 7-15 per day again depending on the car category. Even with this extra insurance, you will still be liable for any damage to the cars underside, trees, and windscreens. In some French depots, we have even heard of the supplier checking underneath the car for damage. If you intend to hire a care in France then it is advisable to take out insurance before you go to cover the CDW excess plus any damage to windscreens, tires, leaving you worry-free so you may enjoy that hard earned break. Many companies offer this type of insurance AIG for example. Now be aware that the French car rental company will still swipe your card for the local excess and if an accident you must pay this excess, however after you come home from France you are then able to claim the excess amount back via your insurance policy.


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